Friday, February 21, 2014

First Post

So I decided to just jump right in making pokemon USA or North America (haven't decided yet on title). I am currently using Poke Essentials and RPG Maker XP to make this.

Currently I have created two whole maps. The Great Plains (Which will be the midwest) It's size is W: 75 H: 15.

I have also made a map called the Jersey Shore!!! It's a basic map of water and light brown (beach). This map is W: 20 H: 65.

I renamed my overlord map to The United States of America.

All of this was done from 8 AM-10:15 PM EST 2/21/2014.


  1. Those maps are.... ridiculously empty.... I wouldn't even call them maps, surely they ain't finished, are they?

    Add some trees, elevation, decoration, anything will improve them. If you need help mapping, post in the map review thread on the Pokecommunity and look up some tutorials.


  2. I Know as they are just the first layer of my map! Which is why I called these maps. I never said they were finished. A map to me, is just the basic shape of the land not the stuff on the land!

    Thanks for the suggestions though in the next couple of days I plan to get some finished results and post them in the map review threads to see what people think.

    1. Even if it is a first layer, it's way too rectangular... and you won't be able to put much stuff on the tall grass.

      Oh and just a heads up, whenever we refer to a "map" in RMXP, we mean the complete collection of tiles, that includes trees and the like. So I kinda assumed you were finished with these. XD

      Oh and a tip: make sure the widht of your map is a multiple of 8, while keeping the height of your map a multiple of 6. you need to make the outer 8 tiles from the sides impassible (6 for the height), to prevent the player from seeing the blackness behind the map.

      If you go to the tools sections in RMXP, and select options. you can enable a grid to divide your map into 8x6 "cells". this will make adding borders a lot simpler.