Thursday, February 27, 2014

Story Expansion, the Journey and the map

Hey everyone,

I know it's been a couple of days since my last post, but I was working really hard on everything in my game. I started out at first making random maps. Then I started to try to steal some of the objects out from the original pokemon games. I at first thought I would only use Pokemon Gold graphics, but then I scratched that idea pretty early on in the week. Then, I moved on to finding custom tilesets and I found a really good one on the PC forums. Will give credit when game is finished.

I soon realized that I had to actually hand draw my map so that I knew where the towns would be, which towns would be included and how it would all connect. Now since I have that down I can start making my towns!

How it will work is...

Rough Draft of First Map

 you will start off in Washington DC where Congress elects you to figure out what, if anything Bill Gates is up to.

After you get your pokemon and other stuff, you head on up to route 1 and then your first town is the Jersey Shore Where you will face your first gym leader: Chris Christie!!! Also you will get to battle the cast of the Jersey Shore at some point while there.

After you beat Christie, you have to take the East Coast Underwater Tunnel down to the second town which is Marco Island Florida! It will be an island town with the Gym Leader being Old Man Pops. Yes, a bunch of old people will be there. But they are friendly.

After you beat that you can either take two routes to the oil rich city of Dallas, Texas. Route 3 which is the Great Plains the long map I showed you before.Remember this is the bible belt so you will be hit with a bunch of bible thumpers on this route. Or you will be able to surf in the game at this point.

Once you are in Dallas you will battle a bunch of oil guys and get a lot of money for beating them. The Gym leader here will be Rusty Ewing. An offspring of the fictional Dallas TV family!

From Dallas you go down to Route 4 which leads to Dark Cave. This is your basic cave with flash. It will also be full of nuggets. After you wind your way through Dark Cave you end up on Route 5 which will eventually lead you to Mexico City. Route 5 will be a sandy area full of Mexicans trying to get into America. They are eager to battle and test your skills. This will probably be one of the toughest spots in the game because you have to get through Route 5 with almost no rest. In Mexico City you will battle a latino Gym Leader called Alejandro.

After you get your 4th badge, you will have to go on route six to Rosewell NM. Here the city is taken over by Paulbots and a crazy cult of alien worshippers. Remember Paulbots are basically Team Rocket. The gym leader that you have to beat is one of these cult leaders and he has allowed Paulbots and his cult to live together in peace and harmony because their beliefs about Pokemon align. I think this gym leader will be called Giorgio Tsoukalos (the crazy host of a show called Ancient Aliens). Only in this case the theory first recorded in Pokemon Blue/Red will come out in full force. That Pokemon are really aliens who created the world. It's the only kind of crazy that can happen in the town of Roswell.

After you beat Giorgio you quickly find yourself at the Four Corners. It's the next stop on the map. In America, there is a spot called the Four Corners which is where four states meet. It's the only spot in the USA where four states meet altogether. So here four gyms will meet. You have to battle each gym leader before you get the Four Corners Badge. Pretty logical right?

You go to Route 7 after this to make your way to Area 51. The paranormal region of this world. It will be a physic region only. Here you will encounter the paulbots again, but these guys are worse than the guys you met in Roswell. They are more powerful and want to cause actual destruction to Washington DC. Using Pokemon secretly as slaves while they publicly preach about freedom. Area 51 will be very much like the Rocket Hideouts in the original Pokemon Red/Blue games. Mew will be at the center of Area 51 for you to save.

Route 8 is a jungle/forest much like Viridian forest. Full of Bug Pokemon. Now you will get to Hollywood California. Minus the hollywood sign. It was destroyed in a large Pokemon Battle and now only a flimsy sign remains. Here you will get to battle a couple of celebrities in George Clooney's famous Gymnasium. Of course, he turns out to be your 6th gym leader.

Route 9 leads you to Silicon Valley, where you get to see amazing technological advancements and you start to hear more rumors about what Bill Gates is up to. You have to navigate through the Poke-Book Gym and there you will come face to face with the seventh gym leader Mark Zuckerberg.

Finally Route 10 leads you to Medina Washington, which is where the real Bill Gates lives in the real world. This town has only Bill Gates house in it because it's very large, fit for the richest man in the world. Bill soon explains to you what he has been working on, (which I'm not sure what that will be yet) and then, sends you off on a quest to find the key to his backyard. Which he claims he lost. In reality, a paulbot stole it from him and now the master of the Paulbots Ron Paul is going to use the key to destroy the safe haven Bill built and let all the Pokemon roam free. Ron Paul's plan is to catch some rare/powerful Pokemon to abolish the US Government. Until you stop him.

Still not sure what to do with Michigan but I know that's where the key will be.

After you beat Ron Paul, you have to beat Bill Gates to get your last and final Gym badge! Then you head back to Washington DC where they will only believe your story if you can beat them in a Pokemon Battle. I know President Obama will be the last elite 4 member you will have to beat, but I'm still not sure about the other three.

That's the story that I fleshed out over the past week. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I am currently working on a Region map which I will probably finish up later tonight. I will edit this post when I am done with that. Then, it's off to making the towns and lining up the story into it.

I am open to more suggestions about the story or more towns I should include as I just realized I did not include NYC into this story. I have a lot of work to do, until next time...

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