Friday, February 21, 2014

Rough Draft of Storyline:

I just thought of a political themed storyline for my game. This may be good enough as is, but as always with hacking/writing I usually end up changing a lot of stuff but I think the main idea is there now!


The US Government is at a standstill. Why? Political discussions about the ethics and rights of Pokemon have become increasingly unstable. Some far left political groups have come up with the silly idea that all Pokemon should be free. They feel Pokemon should only stay with a trainer unless it wants to. 95% of American celebrities support this cause and use their money and power to talk about this any time any where. There are some on the far right who use Pokemon for profit, and profit only! This is not much talked about but it is happening. It is rumored that Bill Gates, the legendary creator of the PC system uses Pokemon to keep his millionaire status. As Bill got richer off his system the rumors turned into accusations and now a Congressional investigation has raised some eyebrows in the Government. Even worse, Congress has accused Bill of using ancient Pokemon power inside his legendary Backyard to keep his software company (Microsoft) running at optimal levels. Bill Gates has been running a ruthless media campaign bashing the government citing a liberal agenda, and suggesting that it’s all false accusations and slander. You were a 12 year old computer hacker selected by the government to figure out what Bill is up to, infiltrate his backyard and bring justice to the world. But watch out for the Paulbots (Team Rocket) they like to cause anarchy everywhere they go! 

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